Where can I go from here?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I would like to add to my current Hermes family, but don't know where to go from here.
    I have one gold togo Birkin 35 with PHW, one black ardennes HAC 32 with GHW, and one rouge H chamonix Kelly in 28.

    I am interested in another Kelly or Evelyne, or even a Birkin in 30?
    I would like to build a well-rounded family in "classic" colours.
    Which style of bag should I aim to get, and in what colour?
    Thank you for all of your help!
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    etoupe Kelly? or something blue...
  3. An etoupe or etain Evelyne or Kelly 32/35 would be a great addition to your collection.
  4. I concur, a wearable blue like Indigo, Bleu Orage, or even Bleu Saphir would be great as would a grey like Etain, a grey/brown like Etoupe, or even a clear green like Canopee.

    On bags you could add to your collection a K32 (or 35 if you can carry it), a B30, or for a more casual everyday shoulder bag, an Evelyne. All these bags are awesome in the colors above.

    Maybe you need a smooth leather bag? Vert Olive Barenia B30? (ok that's a unicorn...)...what about Box for a classic H look?
  5. Etoupe Kelly 32 Retourne would be my choice given your collection.
  6. Kelly 32 in blue like colvert? or bolide in etoupe, Evelyne in etoupe or bleu orage?
  7. First of all: you already have an exquisite collection!
    I would go for an Evelyne as a great casual shoulder bag.
    There are wonderful neutral colours like Etain or Chocolat, but what about H Orange? It's also a classic colour which goes very well with a neutral wardrobe (grey, beige, browns, stunning with dark blue!)
    Hope this helps!
  8. Thank you everyone,

    I think I will go for either the Evelyne or Victoria in Etoupe? I don't know if the Victoria will be too big on me though.
  9. Agree with this - blue saphhire Evelyn is my suggestion
  10. Etoupe is nice but you have all neutrals in your collection. It would be nice to see a blue, orange or purple bag added in. Evelyns and Bolides look great in bright colors!
  11. The first color that comes to my mind when you mention "classic" is orange! So I vote for a K32 in orange.
  12. Etoupe kelly gets my vote. Etoupe is classic and versatile and gorgeous with the white stitching!!
  13. Étoupe Kelly
  14. Etain Kelly 32 phw! ;)
  15. Have you ever thought of toolbox 26? I think thats a great casual but yet it looks classy. :P