where can i getjuicy couture cheap

  1. any where sales it cheap
    or anything
    dont want replica
    want the real thing but dont like paying full price
  2. century 21 and loehmann's has a really good selection. i got a pair of terrycloth lounge pants there for $20 once. they had a bunch of those argyle cashmere sweaters last year for around $150 - which is still a lot, but much better than the $300 juicy retail price.
  3. I 2nd Loehmann's - have seen quite a few juicy items there in the last few weeks. Good luck!
  4. Juicy has outlets as well, so you could check in them.
  5. Nordstrom Rack!!
  6. They do!? Where? I need to know!
  7. On ebay. You have to be careful about fakes, of course, but I found a Juicy cashmere argyle sweater for about 60 dollars, a pink cashmere vest top with lace detail at the collar for about 80 dollars. All real. It's worth having a look.
  8. I don't know about other places, but I know there is one in the Carlsbad outlet center in California, and one in the San Marcos, TX outlet center.

    Outlet Bound-Outlet Centers By State Search Results

    It isn't showing the Carlsbad one, but I know it's there. It's new.
  9. I have purchased pieces from Saks, NM, Nordies, and Bloomies on line. If you check under the sale buttons, they always have Juicy pieces. Now, it is more difficult if you want a Juicy track suit, but if you cruise the sites, you can often find the jacket on one site in your size and the pants on another. I got a black terry Set from Neimans for $28.00 total last year.:party:

  10. Nordstrom Rack always has a ton of Juicy stuff, including purses, sunglasses, clothes, watches for great prices.

    There is an outlet in Woodbury Commons, NY but I didnt seem to think it had that great of deals in there
  11. Bloomingdale's is having a huge sale and they sell a ton of JUICY COUTURE items. I just bought a bunch of shirts for $10 each! Their terry and velour separates are $40 each so snatch them while you can!
  12. neimans and bergdorfs will have juicy in clearance. Not as cheap as ebay but on sale.
  13. Juicy is cheap quality. Don't spend your money on them, even if it is on sale.