Where Can I Get....

  1. Ok girls, discovered a new 'holy grail' shoe to me - black kid Very Prive with red tip. Watching a pair at the moment on eBay but am unsure of fit, I think I may need a 37.5.

    Do I have any hope at all of getting these anywhere?

  2. Oh my goodness really? They will probably be at some ridiculous price :sad:

    Also, don't mean to look completely thick, but I can't find them on the website, could you maybe post a link?


  3. i saw one in Saks las vegas and nm sf..goodluck:smile:
  4. Damn I'm in UK...any idea retail on them? xx
  5. Yep Saks should have them. I believe the retail is $770. I have heard that Saks now ships internationally.
  6. Yes they do ship internationally but you'll get taxed. If they are your HG then maybe its worth it.

  7. I called about 2 weeks ago and they told me they don't send overseas maybe just to Canada.
  8. If you call them they will ship you stuff they have in stock but won't do pre-orders. Its really weird cuz the SA told me it was hard for him to ship the shoes to Canada even though their website can.
  9. Thanks girls! Think there may be a pair on the good old ebay for me, just waiting on more pics and measurements! Soo excited!