Where Can I Get White Patent Medium B Bag????

  1. I Dont Have A Patent Bag Yet And The Only Patent I Fell Inlove With Is The White Patent B Bag Which Was From The Spring Collection Last Year Correct If Im Wrong, I Was Not Able To Get One That Time Because I Already Pre Ordered An Lv Leopard Adelle So I Cant Afford Anymore Bag Until This January 07 And If I Remember Correctly When Inquired Last Year In Spore That Was September They Dont Have The White Patent Anymore, So Guys If You Have Any Info, That Would Help Me Alot Thanks
  2. I saw it in Fendi Vegas about a month ago. Have you tried calling some of the stores? Good luck!
  3. Theirs one on www.styledrops.com this is an authentic site its $1866 I think. They post worldwide within 24hrs.
  4. OMG, thanks for this great info now all i have to do is tell my bf to buy me this lovely bag thanks a lot i really appreciate it. i think the bag and info look genuine but just to make sure does this shop really sells authentic goodies. i mean have you guys bought from this online shop?
  5. Styledrops is 100% authentic do not worry lots of PFM have bought from them. Post pictures when you get it.
  6. Try Fendi butique at The Galleria Houston. I actually bought this bag but returned the bag because I wasn't in love 100%. But the bag is gorgeous. Two week ago I was the boutique and I saw one still in there.
  7. THANKS ON THAT INFO BUT IM FROM ASIA:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
  8. LOL I just noticed that.:lol: :idea:

    Sorry...:shame: :p
  9. bluefly has the large one for $1586. Also there are some bluefly codes on the deals and steals pages....up to 20% off of that price...