Where can I get Vanessa Minnillo's bag in this pic?

  1. I really like this shoulder bag - I saw it in the latest Cosmo issue. Who's the designer and where can I get it? :confused1:

  2. ooooooh, I LOVE it! I hope someone knows!!!
  3. wow, you're good!! :tup:

    i checked the product page - it says 19.5" in length - that makes the bag so big? the one on Vanessa doesn't seem as big but there doesn't seem to be a smaller version.

    thanks for your help, klg.
  4. The bag is LINEA PELLE COLLECTION! lpcollection.com They have tons of great bags! I know b/c I work there and right now we're offering a discount if you click through Google. you get 10% off & Free Shipping. Awesome, right?!
    the code is GOOLP10. Happy shopping.
  5. I have the LP dylan large speedy in white - it's rather large (so big that I have a hard time filling it), but I otherwise love it. The leather is nice and smooshy and very light-weight. I've thought about the messenger, too, but I agree, it sounds huge.
  6. That bag is so cute on her!! I've been looking for a cute messenger bag myself :smile:
  7. Thanks! Just used the code! YAY!
  8. Which Linea Pelle did you get? The messenger that Vanessa Minillo is carrying? What color?
  9. What was your final price??
  10. If you use SPRINGSALE you actually get 15% off + Free UPS Ground Shipping on orders over $200 at LP. I bought the Dylan messenger in papaya (light brown) for $233.75 with that code.
  11. sandywu is it possible to post a picture of yourself with the bag? i'd really like to see how the dylan messenger scales. is it heavy? it looks heavy with the brass hardware.
  12. I'm REALLY interested in this bag too... PLEASE post pics when you get it!! :yes:
  13. Wow that is a great deal! I cannot wait to see pics!
  14. That is one hot bag! I agree with everyone else - please post pics!