where can I get Uggs for cheap?

  1. I really want a pair of Uggs because I tried on a pair of my friends and they are the most comfortable things ever. I used to be kinda againest uggs but I've totally changed my whole thought on them. Is there any codes to sites or any places that I can get them cheaper? I really don't like paying full price for things unless I really have to. My friend told me that she brought hers from the kids section for $80 compared to buying them at the women's section for $120. She is about a size 7 and fits a size 5 kids. I am about a 7 too and they fit me perfectly.

    I called alot of Nordstroms and the ones around me said they are out of stock! :sad:

    I'm looking for the short classic in sand or maybe chesnut.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. :smile:
  2. often stores like Ross and Marshalls get uggs in, I would call. Last week I got a pair of uggs from Marshalls for $65, retails on Zappos.com for $185.
  3. The short classics retail on Zappos for 123.00$ with free shipping! I think it would be hard to get them at Marshalls becaue they usually only come in one or two at a time. And they might not be your size.
  4. I'm such a cheapo..I think it would hurt to spend $123 on them. Free shipping is great though! but thats too much for me to pay for them because I only want them to wear around the house/ or maybe to the grocery store or something. Does Zappos ever have codes?
  5. They do have coupon codes. Here is a link, click on it and it should say "click on the link below to activate coupon' then click on it will direct you to zappos.com and if you put something in your shopping cart you will see that the coupon has been added. Hope you get a pair!
  6. They sell UGGs on the Victoria Secret website too. You can save a few bucks with coupon codes there also.
  7. berkstore.com has them and they have coupon codes floating around!