Where can i get this SCARF!!!!!

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  1. I saw this pretty scarf from ''ceci'' 's thread... and I am in love!!!!!!

    Where can I get it and how much is it???

    A51100 X01133 44122

    P.S. sorry ceci, hope you dont mind I borrowed ur pic!

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  2. anyone??? :smile:
  3. it's ok. I bought mine from Toronto boutique last Nov. for C$450. (US$380?)

    I dropped by a few boutiques in VA & NYC last Christmas, but never saw this color combo. I saw red/gray, black/gray, navy/gray only. Maybe you can check 1-800 with the style code I posted. Good Luck!~
  4. I've seen this scarf pretty much everywhere although there are at least three colorways. You should call around and ask if they have it or not. One place I know for sure got that particular color is Saks. It's $380.
  5. thanks so much! I will call the toronto boutique right now to see!!!
  6. Oh, I have been longing for this too, and I didn't know it came in other colourways! Now I want a black and grey one!!