Where can I get this MJ wallet?

  1. I know this wallet came out a WHILE ago. I absolutely :heart: ADORE it!! Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one, either in black or the chalk color?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. have you tried all the online stores: elux, Nm, BG, etc?
  3. I'm sure nap has one similar?
  4. I've tried all the main sites but to no avail :crybaby:
  5. Sorry - just realized you were looking for Black or Chalk colors.
  6. Have you tried calling a Marc Jacobs store?
  7. I got the picture from the Barney's website, but they only carry it in mouse and emerald. Thanks anyway. I'll keep looking.

    Has anyone seen this in stores??
  8. I agree w/ Melly....I would call a boutique..Or maybe bag.lover will be along and know where you can go...Good luck!!!:heart: Emmy
  9. Call one of the boutiques, they are definitely the most helpful. They can search their inventory and stuff!
  10. I think i saw something of that nature at the MJ boutique in LA today.
  11. Oh really?? Thanks so much!! I'm going to call them first thing tomorrow!
  12. The wallet on the Barney's website in mouse is the one I'm DESPERATE for... the only problem is that they don't ship to Canada. Does anyone know of any other place I can turn for a large quilted mouse wallet? Or better yet, a mouse quilted zip clutch?