Where can I get this mink spy????

  1. Help~~~~~~
    I love love love this bag but can not seem to find anywhere or anyone that sells this bag.
    Do u know where I'd find one?????
    Please help!!!!!!!!!
    Fendi spy.jpg
  2. Yes, i've heard Barney's is selling the fur spy.
    But the price is the down fall. its like 8000 or something.
  3. Neiman Marcus in Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ had the whiteish one and the black/brown Mink Spy(s). I can't find # now, but they are listed.

    If you call, ask for Jennifer - she's the best!
  4. I saw this at Neiman Marcus in the Mall of Millenia in Orlando.

    Good luck with your hunt
  5. Wow~~
    thank u soooooo much guys for such quick replies :nuts:
    I am soooooo excited but am having trouble finding contact numbers to ring for these bags as I live in Sydney Australia....... can someone also help me with contact number???? anyone?????

    Thanks :heart:
  6. Mall at Millenia Neiman Marcus: Orlando, FL 407-264-5900
  7. Westfield Garden State Plaza Neiman Marcus: Paramus, NJ 201-291-1920
  8. I :love: u guys~
    talk about speed and efficiency!!!!
  9. I have been told that the spy is alot cheaper in Europe...... is that true???
    The Birkin is abt 30% cheaper in Paris compared to Australia, so is that the same deal with the Spy as well???? Do u think????:shrugs: