Where can I get this Kenneth Cole Productions bag from 2005

  1. Finding a fall handbag has been a frustration beyond most all of my fashion struggles to date. I found what I thought was the perfect bag - a Francesco Biasia. Went to get it from Nordstrom's and the color is a patent brown not black. Bought it anyway and still not sure.

    In the meantime was at my hairdressers and found 'the' perfect bag. A Kenneth Cole Productions NY satchel in the InStyle Makeover magazine. Ran home and checked online - no luck. Called the 800# listed - and no luck. After carefully reviewing page 118, I realized that the back was from 2005! At first embarrased, I realized it's still a great bag and a must have.

    so, now after searching online at every site, every store, every outlet store and still no luck, I need help.

    It's labeled as a lizard-etched leather bag from KCP NY and retailed for about $400.

    Anyone know where I might go to find one?

    Signed, distressed in fall.

    I'd really appreciate the help.