Where can I get this Juicy sweater?

  1. Please help! In black or brown!! The only thing i've seen is a brown in size S on eBay...not what I'm looking for.
  2. thank you soo much!!! I can tell its not the same- the one Carmen is wearing is listed as 100% cashmere, but the one you found is cheaper- plus it has the additional 25% off and free shipping! :tup: I just ordered it, so hopefully I will like it. THANKS AGAIN!!!!
  3. Thank you both! I ordered one too. Angelisa let me know what you think of it when you get it!
  4. Post pics please :smile:
  5. i bought this sweater (on the NM link) a few weeks ago at the JC store and it was on sale for 149.99
  6. Annabellet - how do you like the sweater?
  7. Agnes01 - i love the sweater its so soft and cumfy!!! im glad i got it. DF was the one that acutally saw it when we went to the JC store and wanted me to get it when it was still reg price but i couldnt and then about 2 weeks later it was on sale and thats when i bought it. I also love it cuz it doesnt shed like other sweaters.