Where can I get this Gucci clutch???

  1. Help! I saw this bag in BLACK at Neiman Marcus Last Call yesterday but it was still $455 (originally $650). Has anyone seen this around on the web (in black) lately or know where I can get a better deal? Or even a better deal at NM?

    I think it's called the small horsebit flap bag.

    Thanks! :nuts:
  2. Wow, they had that purse at NM Last Call - that's awesome and for the purse to be on sale, even better....you can always call NM Last Call and ask them to do a purse search for you - did you get the model # they use or ticket number? They can call around for you and I am sure send one out to you if they find it - good luck, GREAT FIND....See when you see something you WANT ~ you have to BUY it, b/c chances are if you wait and go back ~ it's GONE!!!
  3. Yes, I saw a whole row of that bag at the NM Last Call at the Sawgrass Mills location just this past weekend. I can't remember the price but I believe it was 4-something.
  4. If I remember correctly, I thought a PFr bought one at an outlet, I don't remember the cost though..

    I have a bag similiar to this and I always get compliments on it. You should definitely snatch it up!
  5. do they still produce it ? is it permenant?
  6. I want this, I've been looking for this
  7. They had this bag in the brown monogram around the beginning of September at the Gucci outlet at Woodbury Commons in New York. It was also selling for $400-something. I believe it was pixiedust who scored one for her bday...try pm-ing her! Or call that outlet store directly and ask if they still have any, since they'll do a charge and send. Good luck!!!
  8. I got one from the Gucci outlet at Woodbury right after pixiedust got hers and it was $458. I love this clutch, Im going to try to find it in black.
  9. Gucci Girl -

    I just got the clutch today and got if for a steal at the Neiman Marcus Last Call by me (in MD)...may have some by you. Get this...I opened a NM card AND had a 10% coupon they took and I got it for $366 (including tax). I got it in black and it is HOT! Good luck...you've got to get one.
  10. Wow,That a total steal!
    Congrats on such a gorgeous purchase!
    P.S. Is ur location Baltimore NYC?
  11. What else did you see? - - I usually shop at NM last call at the Dolphin Mall but they don't have more of a large selection, I live in Miami so I can always go on a quick trip to Sawgrass.
  12. they had tons of those at NM last call in Miami.
  13. They also had the same Gucci clutch in the tan monogram canvas too with the gold hardware (they had a ton of each - black and tan). That was it for Gucci, though...another small shoulder bag but really nothing that was great. I did see some other stuff they had discounted further...Marc Jacobs and some Miu Miu (with leather like buttah!!!).

    Go get yourself a Gucci or something else that tickles your fanyc at NM!!!
  14. Thanks Rainbow_Rose. I will have to attach a picture tonight since I'm so excited about my new buy.

    I am in Baltimore, Maryland....only 3 hours from NYC so I go quite frequently for the shopping.
  15. I already "cleaned the house" on the private presale night for Gucci past September. I'm usually the first one the girls call when they have good stuff! Thanks anyway!:jammin: