Where can I get this beautiful Kooba Brynne bag in black?

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  1. Hi gals!

    My first post in the kooba forum:smile:

    I saw this beautiful bag here on tPF yesterday and I was wondering where I can get it? Is it a new model and is it still available in black? Tell me everything you know!

    Love at first sight:heart::nuts:

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  2. The US bergdorf Goodman website have them on sale.
    It says this about international orders
    International Deliveries
    At this time, it is not possible to specify international destinations and U.S. territories when placing an order online. However, you may have your BergdorfGoodman.com purchase shipped to an international address by calling 1.888.774.2424.

    So you can place an order over the phone if you're outside of the USA

    There where some on US Ebay last week too. I remember a black one because I bought the same bag in the Camel shade from ebay. Keep checkin ebay and you might snare a bargain.

    Good luck with your search :yes:
  3. Thank you so much! I am definetely going to check ebay daily! Didn't find the black one on Bergdorf, but perhaps they will be getting another:crybaby:
  4. There are black ones available on Bergdorf...
    Click the link I gave my my post above and select the 'Black' one . They are in stock. :yes:
  5. Arh before when I checked the link I didn't see the black one and when I tried to switch color it only showed camel:confused1:

    Anyway now I am definetely going to buy a black!:yahoo:
    It is going to be my firsk Kooba:wlae:

    Do you know if this bag comes in different sizes?
  6. No there is only one size. But the corset laced design can be found on other bags, the annie and kiera. but they are smaller and totally different shapes to the Brynne.
    Check out koobas own website for pics of those.

    I love this bag too! :yes: I recently bought a camel coloured one which should be here next week.
  7. Thank you so much! I'm going to call tomorrow and ask for shipping to Denmark ect....I can not believe that it is on sale how lucky:yahoo:

    I am sure you are going to :heart: it! I really like the camel colored too! It'll go with everything;)
  8. I wasn't finished! Leather looks good, but there's no photo of the zipper pull, I would ask for that before hitting that BIN button!
  9. LOL Husky lover!! I PMed Scarlett about that one too, but the seller says she wont ship to denmak:crybaby:
  10. scarlett.....You bought it!!! :yahoo:

    I just checked the listing and I saw that a 'scarlett' someone bought that brynne. Its gotta be you right. The buyer is in Denmark!

    The seller must have changed her mind about the shipping then! Im sooooo glad you got it!!

    Cant wait for the pics!!!
  11. Hi gals!

    Yes I bought it and I am SOOO exited to get it:yahoo:
    The seller changed her mind after I almost begged her hihi:rolleyes: I payed 50$ shipping, but that is what it cost insured ect.

    Perhaps I should have gotten more pics, but I was in a hurry and I just couldn't stand the thought of someone else buying it:P Plus is looks good and she has sold many autentic bags before to satisfied customers with very good feedback.

    Thank you so much for the tips on the bag, if it was not for you maybe I would never have seen it:smile:

    Have you recieved your bag Halzer? Did you LOVE it?
  12. Congratulations Scarlett! Post pics when you get her!
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