Where can I get this bag???

  1. I'm in love with the cognac Python Silverado...as seen on the Silverado-Thread! Does anybody know, where I can get this beauty? :yes: Or is it last season and sold out?
  2. Yes, I've seen them. But I prefere the small or medium. LVR has got the whisky colored one. Is it like cognac? :shrugs:
  3. :wtf: Jepp! :yes: :drool: But why is it called chocolate??? Isn't it more like cognac??? I don't understand Chloé-colors....it's sooooo confusing :confused1:
  4. It is very confusing.. i have friends that have a chocolate one that looks like cognac.. The chocolate is more like a milk chocolate brown.. the cognac has a slight orange twinge to it... like cognac :drool: There's also a chocolate that has a dark brown contrast whipstitch. :shrugs:

    Here's my cognac (i think?)
  5. ^ I'm confused too.... but I think the reason why the colour looks different from the pervious auction is because the colour will look different due to different lightning?
    Look at the pics below... I think it looks great on Kirsten Dunst.
    I love this bag:shame:
    041368709zd.jpg dunst0076mh.jpg
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