where can I get these two Juicy Couture bags?

  1. Hey, gals, please help me to find these two JC bags, I wanna buy. Thanks.
  2. I think those might actually be from past seasons so they probably won't be too easy to find, but a couple of sites to try are:
  3. You might be able to find them at Nordstrom Rack or Saks off the 5th. I don't know if you have on in your area. But i would look there.
  4. I had instant online chat with Juicy Couture representative today, and no luck for me.:sad: Anyway, thank you guys.

    And I received Dior bag I ordered from BLUEFLY.com when they had special discount, it is a PINK DIOR LOGO SHOULDER POUCH, I got it for $209.09 including tax and shipping, not bad, right? But somehow the bag is looked fake to me, the label mark inside and letters on the attached tag are kinda off-printed, too bad my digital camera is dead, otherwise I can show the picture of the actual bag, hard to believe if Bluefly sell fakes. Any suggestion?
    They included a 10% discount code: WELCOME490, offer expires 08/31/06, please feel free to use.

  5. I have heard of Bluefly selling fakes on their site. After hearing that, I stay away from them. I do hope it's real!!
  6. try ebay for those bags. on ebay, the JC are mostly ones from previous seasons.

    anyone know how to spot a fake?
  7. I was going to say ebay as well but I never purchase bags on ebay since there are so many fakes. If you can differentiate between authentic and fake then it wouldn't hurt to look on ebay.
  8. I tried ebay, but can't find those bags, I buy and sell at ebay, so far all the JC bags I bought from ebay were all real, wish me good luck in the future.