where can I get these totes?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I wondering if you ladies can help me find some ysl canvas totes. I really love these totes and YSL logo down the middle...but I'm having a hard time finding some online. I've looked at bluefly.com but the selection is very limited. Ebay, rarely has them and I'm too afraid to get a tote from ebay for fear of fakes. I did visit my YSL store in the city...but the selection there was very limited. They were made of a tan canvas and had color combos that I did not care too much for. I'd like to see if any of you ladies own some of these totes and would be willing to share pics...I've included a pic from ebay of the style of tote that I am talking about and a pic from a fellow purse forum member (im sorry but I forgot who I borrowed the pic from, I hope you don't mind!)..thanks so much!
    YSL tote.jpg ysl totes.jpg
  2. They have some on Bluefly right now.