Where can I get these Miu Miu's

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  1. AH! I just posted about those! They're gorgeous; good luck finding a code for them.
  2. I don't have a code but I wnated to say I love those! I tried them on at Nordstrom and wanted to buy them so badly but I was a good girl. Good luck. I hope you get the code you need. If you get them please post modeling pics!
  3. Thanks ladies, I think I may just get them at that price at Net-a-Porter as most of the sizes are already sold out!:smile:
  4. I can't even see which shoes you're talking about because NAP is all sold out now!
  5. :lol: Is that a sign for me to get them?!

    they still have sizes left they are Miu Miu Patent Flat Triple Buckle Boots
    Product 24478