where can i get the storage box?

  1. do i call the store and request it, or do they not do that?
    or do i have to buy online from a unauthorized seller?
  2. BalNY is all out because I received my cafe Day on Saturday in some random box w/ a note apologizing about the boxes because of the holidays:confused1: :confused1:
  3. I thought I saw someone selling a Bal box on eBay, really cheap
  4. I was just about to call BaNY to order a 2007 Black city. Now that they're out of boxes, I think I'll wait. Does anyone know anywhere else I can get a 2007 black city with a box? I know that Neiman Marcus, Barney's and Gretta don't give out boxes. Alahorag won't get their 2007 shipment until end of January.
  5. Will you let me know, if you get one too. Thanks:yes:
  6. Thats strange.... because I thought every single bag that is accounted for comes with a box....
    If not, how do they pack these things in the shipment? Just put 10 balenciaga bags in a big container?
  7. ^ i thought that's how they ship most bags...
  8. how? put 10 balenciagas in a big container like canned sardines?
    I would think they put it in individual box and then put it in a big container....
  9. I recently purchased a work from Gretta and when I asked for the box they said that they don't keep the boxes since they take a lot of space to store. I couldn't believe that they actually throw them out. So I believe that each bag comes in a box but it's just a matter of whether or not the retailer decides to store them for the customers.
  10. There was one on sale on ebay, but the shipping cost WAY more than the box itself. Kinda funny:p