Where can i get the Silver or Gold Speedy

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  1. I am desperate ..I have sat for days upon days waiting for that phone call.:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: ..please someone where can i get these bags and PLEASE DONT SAY EBAY ....................

  2. just call stores everyday and I am sure one might pop up. My aunt was not even on the waiting list and she walked into a lv store and was able to buy both the gold and sliver pappion., I am sure you will find one. Good luck
  3. Don't wait, be proactive.

    Try calling up different stores and look for one! Hopefully someone will return it back to the store and you get yours then
  4. If you really want one badly and don't care if you pay over retail, I think let-trade still has one and ebay as well.
  5. You'll have to call around...the waiting lists have been opened since Feb/March so there may be tons of people before you...a few members here have been on the list since the summer too and didn't get anything :sad: You may want to start right away because it's been awhile since Miroir's been released and most stores have already received all of their shipments and won't be getting any more...
    Your last resort would probably be eBay, if you want the bag really that badly.
    Good luck with your search :smile:
  6. tx all..saturday I called several stores located thru the US ..

    yes a few stores had the pap ......I will be popping ina few stores this week and seeing if my luck stands a chance
  7. Good luck! I hope you find one! I love mine :smile:
  8. Good luck Im sure you will find one!