Where can I get the replacement strap for my EPI POCHETTE?

  1. I had my Epi pochette for a long time now. It's one of my favorite going out bags but becuase I always use it, the strap is falling apart. :sad: Does anyone know where I can find a replacement strap or if LV even sells the replacement straps for the epi pochette? Thanks. As of now I'm using a necklace as its strap. :yes:
  2. If I'm not mistaken, LV does sell replacement straps. I believe they're in the $75- $100 range?
  3. LV does sells them. I just got the plain one for $150 not sure about the pricing for epi
  4. i got my black epi pochette strap for $55 (gold hardware) plus sales tax and shipping from LV, they located one store for me. at that time, it was Saks in NY.
  5. i actually just had my black epi pochette strap replaced because it was splitting down the middle. apparently this is a common known problem w/the epi straps. LV sells the straps for $58. you could just walk on in to a boutique and ask them if they have any, but i called 866 and had them locate one for me. it was much more difficult for me because i had to get the black epi straps with gold hardware, which has been discontinued. it seems to me the ones with the new silver hardware are pretty much widely available. when i went to pick up the strap, the SA actually told me that it's a good idea to take the strap to a tailor or shoe/leather repair guy and have them sew the strap down the middle, to prevent future splitting. she said i should have that done as soon as i can with the new strap, because once it starts splitting, the repair guy can't do anything with it because the leather stretches.

    hope that helped!!
  6. I might go today and check it out at Macy's LV boutique. Thanks. :heart:
  7. I think they sell them at the boutiques.. just call before to see if they are in stock :p
  8. If the boutique doesn't have one (mine didnt when i needed one for my red epi pochette) they can order you one or you can order one from 1866 vuitton