Where can I get the purple suede Declics?

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  1. Any info would be appreciated!! I need them in a 38.5 Thanks! :heart:
  2. As far as I know, the CL Madison boutique is the only place that currently has them, and I'm not sure that there are any sizes left. If they don't have your size and you're willing to size up half size (like I did for my fuschias, since I just had to have them), one of our own TPF'ers is selling hers on ebay:

  3. thank you! i usually wear a 37.5 and in delics i wear a 38.5.... i think the 39 might be a tad too big... :sad:
  4. Oh, too bad. You should definitely call Madison then - you might get lucky!
  5. Asha said that they are in the Saks lookbook. I have e-mailed my SA to see if they will be getting them in and to get on the list.
  6. BTW - Those are mine on ebay.
  7. sdesaye, I'm thinking about maybe going a half size up.. will let you know. Anyone know where i can get the fuschia declics too?? I love the declic. I have them in blue already and I also own the rolando but somehow I wear the declic all the time instead...
  8. Fuchsia suede declic is at the beverly hills boutique
  9. I'm perfectly okay if I don't sell them. It's one of those "on the fence" things.