Where can I get the Giant Silver Hareware envelope Clutch in Magenta 08?

  1. Not even sure if it exist I dying to get that bag! Please let me know if you have seen it somewhere :yes:
  2. i'm sure it will exist but not yet. i myself and wantinga giant clutch with the wrist strap for the magenta sgh.
  3. Bal NY has a waitlist for the clutches - Kim was sure they were getting some but didn't know when - I totally forgot to ask where I was on the list.
  4. Didn't someone post recently that the Barneys NY (Copley) and (Chestnut Hill) stores had quite a few of the Magenta items? I know that last time I was at the BNY/Chestnut Hill (last Saturday), they had a few of the Magenta accessories.