where can i get the first in grenat/bordeaux?

  1. this is my new desire. i can buy it in 5 weeks from now. but, where can i find it?
  2. BalNY has the First in Gernat (06).:yes:
  3. really? ahhhhhhh!:yahoo: i will call them tomorrow. but, will they still have it in 5 weeks? maybe i should just go for it now...
  4. I am still looking for a bordeaux city in mint condition. I do not think that day will ever come! :sad:
  5. I am not sure but may be you can charge it to your CC and then pay the bill in five weeks?:s
  6. Becca, there is one on eBay...I think....
    I do have a hobo as well and it is a very nice color:p
  7. no, that's not the issue - the issue is that i JUST got a chloe bag and i have to pace myself. i try to be disciplined so that every time i get a new bag it's truly an exciting experience. plus if i bought every bag i wanted right when i wanted it i would have a lot of bags and a tiny amount of money.

    i'm finding out whether i passed a test in 5 weeks, so i figured that if i pass i will treat myself. (if i fail, i will probably buy it to feel better...HA!)

    but i would feel pretty dumb if BalNY has it now and doesn't have it in 5 weeks and i missed my chance.

    what's their policy with returns? maybe i can buy it and just not open it for 5 weeks.:shame:
  8. Oh i see, the self control issue.:p
    Their return policy is not so good. You can exchange or get a store credit within ten days up to two times.:sad:
  9. that is really not a very good return policy at all.:s

    well i guess i'm going to have to chance it. if it's still there in five weeks then it was meant to be. if it's not there, then there's something else out there for me.

    but i am going there tomorrow to check it out in person.
  10. Good luck! i think that is the best way.:yes: Just go there and see every thing in person before you purchase any thing. You never know you might see some thing else that you like better. Keep us posted.:love:
  11. BalNY has grenat!!? where have I been? Any idea what other sizes they have?

    ..sorry to hijack