Where can I get Tall Classic Uggs?

  1. I need a Classic Tall Ugg in Chestnut, size 7. I am on the backorder list for Nordies but just thought I would ask in case anyone knows where I can get a pair besides eBay. Thanks.
  2. I would CALL Nordstrom, also. I had a SA put me on her phone list and the second the Uggs came in she called me and we did the transaction over the phone. I think they like to do it that way also because they are basically guaranteed a sale and don't have to wait on people in the store to decide what they want.
  3. I'm not sure where you live, but I got a pair of Tall Classic Ugg boots about a week ago at Harry's Shoes in NYC. They had a lot of sizes and colors. I tried a size 7 before settling on the 6.
  4. Thanks for the info...Zappos was all out but I will call Nordies now. I did hear they had a new Ugg Hotline but I dont know how to find the number.

    Never heard of Harry's I am in PA. Do they have stores in PA I wonder?
  5. http://www.harrys-shoes.com/

    You may also want to call their store on West 84th street, NYC and see if they ship. They've been advertising in the NY Times that they've got them in stock.
  6. Hi - I just got a pair of the hard to find short Sundance Uggs from Amazon.com - the company was Overland Sheepskin Co. (www.overland.com) and the SA on the phone told me they had just gotten a new shipment in of a bunch of Uggs. This was last week so not sure what they still have but worth a try -their prices were the normal retail and they shipped right away. I got them in 3 days and you can do overnight for an extra charge.
  7. i did the same thing at Nordies and they ring it through that day and just wait for you to pick it up. so simple! i was told that the the kids section (i'm b/t a 4 and 5), the SA will actually order it on-line for you and ship it to the store but the adult section can't bc it's too busy. good luck!
  8. You should try Sport Chalet. They carry Uggs and get them in every week. I was told they are getting their back orders from December so try calling them and find out when they get new shipments, and call first thing in the morning right before they open to put a pair on hold for you. I just got a pair today, and they had Classic Tall and Short in all colors and sizes. I was told they were sold out within minutes after the store opened.
  9. I'm looking for them too...classic tall black size 8.
    Does Travel Bug have a website, phone # or address?
  10. Have you tried the Ugg Outlet stores? Their prices don't seem to be discounted, but they usually do have a good selection.
  11. Do they have a website or do I have to find an outlet store? I've never seen one in my area...
  12. To the OP, are you on the waitlist online? I was on the waitlist online for the Ugg Classic Size 7 in black, but then I went to an actual store and was able to snag them.
  13. Try cozyboots.com: http://www.cozyboots.com/ugg-boot.shtml?group=2

    I've ordered from them before, though when I ordered my classic tall, it took a few months to get to me!! They will email you though and tell you when they can get you the boots and you can accept or reject. I ordered early Feb/March last year and got it around August...which was perfect timing for this winter. Good luck!
  14. This is so frustrating! None of the above places have them. :crybaby:
    Should I just get them on EBay? How do I know if I'm getting the real thing?