Where can I get Rihanna's MADISON MARCUS coat?

  1. Has anyone seen this MADISON MARCUS black/white wool coat in stores anywhere? I'm desperately looking for a size XS. It's the one recently worn by Rihanna.


    Online-wise I've only found it at 3 stores --
    (1) Ron Herman (only sizes M and L remaining)
    (2) Blaec.com (love that site/store but completely sold out of all sizes)
    (3) Singer22 (please don't tell me to get it from them as they are notorious for the worst CS, plus no refund for returns, and well they just sold out of my size today anyway).

    I tried going to Madison Marcus' company website, only to find that it's pretty much defunct (most links don't work and there's no info on vendors/retailers).

    If you've seen this in stores anywhere or even on eBay (in a XS), please let me know. TIA!