Where can I get Prada keychains?

  1. Hi everyone: I've been googling Prada Keyrings/keychains and not having much luck. One site I saw seems to be selling fakes and there's just a couple on styledrops.com - any better sources for me?? Thanks in advance for any help!:rolleyes:

  2. boutiques are best bet :tup: lot of fakes on eBay unless u know how ot spot the real one..:yes:
  3. The best place would be directly from a Prada Boutique. I just bought 2 of the Prada Bondage Bear keychains from Jenni at the Prada store in Beverly Hills. She was awesome!! If you are interested, the number is (310) 278-8661, ask for Jenni and tell her that Sharon sent you!! :p
  4. Thanks for the tips MIU2 and pradafanatic - I'm going to try to get to the Prada in San Francisco, but not during the craziness of the holidays. Might just have to give Jenni a call!!! Definitely won't risk buying on eBay...

    Thanks again!