Where can I get my old speedy monogrammed??

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  1. LV will only do new bags. I would love to get my old speedy 30 monogrammed. Anyone have a place I can get it done? I'm in NY. Thanks!!!!
  2. Do you mean a mon monogram? That's done at point of sale on mon monogram bags only. If you mean a monogram with a heat stamp, they will do that for you.
  3. I think you would have to find an artist to do it post market. I've seen threads on here about custom art on older LVs. Do a Google image search to see if you see anything.
  4. I meant the painted custom monogram. I don't want to buy a whole new bag since I already own it.
  5. That has to be done at point of sale - those bags are custom ordered and take 8 weeks or so for delivery. Since you already own the bag, your only option would be to hire a private artist.
  6. Nick @ Los Angeles Art House does it!

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