Where can I get my holiday photo cards?

  1. Ack, I can't believe it's the time of year again to start thinking about Christmas cards!!! It's barely gotten cold where I live. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on the best place to get holiday cards. I found a few sites online that do photo cards (Shutterfly for example) which is really what I'm looking for. If anyone has a site they just love, especially for a good price, I would welcome the suggestions!!! :tup:
  2. Costco probably has it for a really good price, not sure if you could order online though. Good luck.
  3. I recommend Snapfish. My mom & I use this site for anything picture related, and they're great. Fast shipping, and no problems to date... we've been using them for over a year now. Haven't done Christmas cards, but we've done albums, and just regular pictures. No complaints so far. Good luck!
  4. I use Kodakgallery, I have been storing my photos with them for years..have always been happy with the selection and service.
  5. Thanks so much for the great suggestions! Off to research all these sites now :tup:
  6. TT, will your new family addition be on your holiday card? :idea:
  7. TTucker, I use Shutterfly throughout the year. In fact, I used Shutterfly last year for my Christmas cards for the first time. I received so many compliments on my card because it was different from the normal one main family photo that I normally send out. Last years card had 8 different pix on it, like a collage. I'll post my card to show you....hope you can see it. Inside the card, I wrote about each photo, I had picked them based on an exciting highlight that year, like our Lake Tahoe trip etc.

    Both Shutterfly and Snapfish are easy sites to navigate. You should check them out to see what style card catches your eye. Good Luck!:tup:
    Christmas card.jpg
  8. I second Snapfish. I use them for everything: holiday photo cards, memory calendars, photo books (in place of photo albums--they're great!), even coasters and notebooks and playing cards.

    They have such a large selection there and I've been so happy with everything I've gotten.

    The other thing is that they have unlimited photo storage online (YES!), but you have to order one thing a year or all of your photos will be deleted. Not a problem for me! :tup:
  9. That is too cute Sweet Escape! Thanks for sharing!

    Fatefullotus... our new pup definitely will have a place on our card! I hope our friends and family don't confuse us with the local zoo:p
  10. I use www.zazzle.com - it's the site where people who use flickr make their prints. Fast, great customer service.
  11. I third snapfish... I just used it recently to order some personalized greeting cards. There were tons of options, and the quality was wonderful. The price was the same as other websites, but a lot more options. Plus, you can find coupons online to lower the price. Turnaround was fast too, I ordered on Monday(Veteran's day), and got it on Thursday with regular shipping.
  12. I second Costco - they are only $15.99 for 50 of those photocards w/envelopes, and you can pick them up in an hour. If you order any extra sets of 50, it's only $5.99 more! So you can send out 100 photocards for under $25. I'm a major procrastinator when it comes to sending those out, so Costco's been a godsend - all you have to do is upload your picture on their site, choose from 100 different backgrounds, write your greeting, and then choose which store to pick them up at....show up an hour later, and you're ready to start mailing!

  13. I used Snapfish last year. They have a lot of different styles and our cards came out sooo cute. If you're looking for the best deal Costco it is. I am waiting to see how our pics come out this year to decide where to get our cards from.