Where can I get miu miu bags in Rome ???

  1. Hi there! :yahoo:

    Does anyone know where I can buy miu miu bags in Rome? :shrugs:
  2. I know BAGHEERA sells MIU MIU bags.
    Piazza Euclid 30 in Parioli Tel. 06-807-0046

    If you want discounted MIU MIU bags there's a shop called
    Il Discount dell'Alta Moda, Via Gesu e Maria, 16A Tel. 06 482 7790
    Near Piazza Barberini.
    They sell runway leftovers & boutique overstocks at up to 50% off.

    Sadly enough I dont see any MIU MIU boutique in Rome...but then I could be wrong. I'm sure the other ladies in the forum can help. I know there are MIU MIU boutiques in Milan & Florence.

    FLORENCE: 8 Via Roma
    MILAN: 3 Corso Venezia