where can i get MISSONI items for cheap?

  1. i am looking for tops dresses purses and especially bikinis. where can i find any missoni zig zag print for cheap? thank you
  2. I don't know about online, but I did see some pieces at Loehmans (if you have one near you)
    :smile: good luck in your search!
  3. Bluefly.com has some stuff.
  4. I love Missoni but it is way out of my price range! I wish I could afford it-I LOVE the pieces :sad:
  5. hey hun!
    you can try looking in Net-a-Porter's perpetual, fabulous, year-round sale!
    just search by designer for clothing, shoes, handbags, or accessories!
    have fun!
    : )
  6. They have Missioni outlets available. Check out the premium outlets site which has a listing of stores that may include one near your area.
  7. I have a lot of Missoni dresses that I am trying to get rid of. Just PM me if you are interested. Good luck!
  8. There's a Missoni outlet in Woodbury Commons (about an hr outside NYC). You could try calling them to see if they have anything you're interested in. Zoe carries Missoni, too. I was in there the other day and didn't notice any of it on sale, but I'm sure it will be eventually...
  9. I noticed Valley Fair Nordstrom Via C department had a ton of markdowns on Missoni. Some were 40% off. I'm sure this probably goes for every Nordstrom Via C department.