Where can I get Jimmy Choo MOMOs

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  1. Hi girls - ive been looking for Jimmy Choo momos in gold forever. I never got them when they were in store and have had no luck on eBay. Does ANYBODY know where i can get a pair - size 40. Thanks!
  2. I think they from last spring so I don't know if you'll be able to find them. You can always contact their customer service or contact other major stores like NM, Saks, BG.
  3. The Jimmy Choo store in Manhattan had them a few months ago, I was there in December and I saw a few on the floor, they had them in sliver and purple but they may also have them in gold. I would call and ask, Annette is very helpful. Good Luck! They were on the second floor in the back by the wall.
  4. i got them at the end of november at the jimmy choo store in millenia mall in orlando fl