Where can I get espadrillas like this?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have been obsessed with these shoes since Jennifer Aniston wore them on the cover of EW. I have searched and searched and I cannot find them any where, not even on eBay.
    At this point, I'm willing to buy anything that looks like this shoe.
    Yves Saint Laurent Carmen Wedge Espadrille
  2. Macy's used to carry YSL and I belive that Nordies does, you can check with them. Honestly though, Macy's is full of nearly same styles, imo.
  3. Guccidiva,
    After reading your reply, I decided to checkout Macy's. No luck. Then I went to Nordstrom, no luck. They had espadrilles, but not exactly like these. I am so picky. I wanted the same hight, heel style, and ankle strap. So, I gave up. Then I went into Anne Taylor to look at clothes for work...then low and behold, on clearance from $78 to $19.99, and the LAST pair in the whole store...were my espadrilles!! They are nearly identical, except the front of this pair is a little cuter. I almost jumped up and down. It made my day. Then my son threw up all over the store, but that's a story for another day.
    ebay 106.jpg
  4. ^^ Yup, Ann Taylor, was just coming in to suggest them! My mom got a pair like that in gold leather...also for $19.99 -- SUCH a good deal!

    They're very pretty, glad you found them!