Where can i get Damier neverfull??!!

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  1. Oh dear, i am living in Middle East at the moment, Bahrain to be precise and I am really wanting neverfull in damier but the shop wont get it till May apparently, same with UK stores. Is this bag only available in U.S just now or anywhere in Asia? Maybe I can call and order from somewhere nearer than states, i really want it now :sad: and dont wanna wait till May?
  2. You can get it I think from Japan, Hawaii.... US im not sure
    We get it in Thailand around March I think

    Tita Yoy
  3. Canada and the US definitely have it, and so does Japan.

    Waiting it out might be best, unless you want to brave eBay or another reseller ! :yes:
  4. Hi,

    I'm like you !!! i can't wait for its release. My SA first told me it was for january and now it's for may 2009. So i'm waiting desperately....:crybaby:
    Ask him to be on list but he said there is no list for that item, but he would call me right away if the product appears in his store!!

    That's because i harassed him for a long long time hehehhehe :sweatdrop:
  5. definitely in the US, I looked at it last Thursday. Good luck!