where can i get chanel sunglasses cheap dont want replicas

  1. is there any consignment stores or any stores that has them cheap ?
    i really dont like eBay i hate bidding and sometimes you cant buyers on there
    i know i wont be able to get any new chanel glassed since they wont be cheap but here is what im looking for
  2. I would rather spend the extra money and know they are authentic...there are so many fakes out there. I don't know of any places sorry!
  3. I am in the market for new glasses as well and I think I'll have to bite the bullet and spend a good bit of money. I haven't seen them cheaper anywhere. I won't get them on eBay.
  4. I'm not sure about in the US, but in Canada, the prices of sunglasses at optometrist's offices are regulated. They are only allowed to mark up sunglasses by a certain amount above cost. Plus at my optometrist, if you pay cash, you don't have to pay tax. According to my optometrist, this is supposed to be a big secret because it is the same sales rep who sells to both sunglass retailers and the doctor's offices. Her retailers get upset when they find out customers know about this. I bought 2 pairs a few months ago. Each retailed for $585 Canadian, and I paid $280 each. Also offices that carry eye glasses but not sunglasses may be able to get the sunglasses for you. Just ask.
  5. I also bought my last pair at my optician store. They do sell a lot of designer sunglasses and regular costumers get 20% discount.
  6. That is so interesting because at my local optometrist's office which is a Pearle Vision, all of the designer brands like Dior, Prada, etc. are marked up about double retail! I asked them why and they just shrugged.:shrugs:
    Needless to say I didn't buy any new sunnies from them lol!
    If I can get them cheaper directly from the designer then why do I want to pay double from my eye doctor? I guess they are just taking advantage of those who are unfamiliar w/the brands and their retail prices.
  7. I'd also like to add that I do not know of any places that you can get Chanel discounted. Even sunglass boutiques that carry Chanel always have to exclude the brand (at the brand's request) if they are running any promos/%'s off.... so I am always stuck paying retail which is fine.

    As mentioned above- I would rather KNOW FOR SURE that mine are authentic.
  8. Here in Europe the prices of sunglasses vary A LOT from country to country. You could alomst save plane the tickets back and fourth by not buying the glasses here where I am by getting them (AUTHENTIC, same pieces) in countries like estonia, and Spain. It's crazy.
  9. "....pay cash dont have to pay taxes"....sounds sketchy. That is definitely not on the up and up. Its basically being paid under the table.

  10. It's not sketchy, and they give you a receipt. They just give you a discount equal to the amount of the tax. Plus, the Chanel rep comes to the office 2 times per year and brings every style in every colour. It's fabulous because you can try on absolutely everything. That's when I do my ordering.
  11. The only places I can think of are Outlets such as Neiman Marcus Last Call or Saks Off Fifth.
  12. ...i see so in actual fact they give you a 15% discount for paying in cash. Okay, fair enough. Where is this place???! I'd DO need glasses.
  13. ...so in actual fact they give you a 15% discount merely for paying in cash. That's good then since you get a receipt. Where is this place???! I'd DO need glasses.:supacool: