Where can i get Balenciaga in Sydney?

  1. Hi!, im looking for balenciaga bags in sydney, does anyone know which store sells balenciage bags? or any legit online stores that sells bbags that ships to australia?..

    thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. The only stockist in Sydney is Cosmopolitan Shoes in Double Bay with a huge mark up on their Bbags..I personally never buy from them since even paying custom from buying overseas still does not sum up to their inflated prices..

    Though you only asked about Sydney, the other alternative I would recommend is CultStatus in Perth..
    Their prices are not cheap either but it's worth it if you are looking for an excellent customer service and knowledgeable SAs :yes:
  3. I agree about Cosmopolitan shoes .... prices are ridiculous, and staff are notoriously rude. i have gotten some good sale items from them, but generally try to avoid.

    I lived in Sydney for 5 years, and found it best to try and shop overseas ... or even ring US stores over the phone. Neiman Marcus ship to Australia if you do a phone order ...

    Good-luck, i am in Aus and trying to find a way to get a bag too ...