Where can I get Bal bags in Melbourne and What does a Partition bag look like?

  1. Hi guys! Am headed to Melbourne in a week or so and just wanted to know where I can get Bal Bags and is the price about the same as US prices? Also I have been hearing about this Partition Bag that is small and unzips into a big thing but is uber chic? Can I see some pics?

    THanks so much!!!!:yes:

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    Under the BAGS category, it's photo #9.

    It also comes in a clutch version.
  3. I don't know of any places that stock a wide range in Melbourne. It's best to deal with BalNY directly. They're hard to get onto, but if you get them in the morning it's a lot easier and they're in good moods (LOL). I live in QLD and I have previously bought from Cult Status in Perth. Their service is great and they email you heaps of pics before purchasing. They also have a fab layby system. They are a bit expensive though, as they incorporate the Australian GST, import duty and luxury goods tax in their prices. That's why I get mine through BalNY or Aloha Rag. It's a 50/50 gamble if you get slugged with import duty, but even if you do, it's still overall cheaper than Cult Status prices.
  4. ^^ Hey KDC, I moved to QLD (Brisbane) and am thinking it's a good and a bad thing they don't sell Bal here yet: It's a good thing because I would probably buy way more Bal than I already do but it's a bad thing because we don't get to check out the new styles and colours in person (loved that about NYC!)

    In case a store opens that sells BBags in Brisbane we should go check it out together:drinkup:
  5. Wow! That would be FAB!!! That makes 2 die-hard Bal rockers in / near Brisbane, YAY! PM me anytime :yes: There was a rumour that Chanel was coming to Queens Plaza, but that fell by the way-side. We're stuck with LV. BalBrisbane - where are you???
  6. hey hey, i live in melbourne :biggrin: and i know you can get balenciaga from miss louise. it's a store that sells branded bags, on collins st inside the grand hyatt shopping area. i saw a few balenciagas about a week ago, but i haven't been inside to check on the prices. i expect them to be around cult status price, which is more expensive than getting / ordering balenciaga straight from BalNY / eBay / Aloha Rag..

    have fun in melbourne! i'm sure you'll love it, bring an umbrella though, it's a bit rainy at the moment :smile:
  7. Yes, in Melbourne Miss Louise on Collins Street stocks Balenciaga.

    I suggest dealing with an overseas retailer if you dont want to pay an arm and leg for your bag as the markup is like AUD$300 - $400 over here.

    If you really want to buy from an AU retailer, Cult Status is your best bet. Yes, they still charge a ridiculos amount, but they post to you anywhere in Australia and are super friendly, and great with pics.

    Check out an old thread of mine, it may help.

    I do crap on a bit about how the Service at Miss Louise is appaling, but we also discuss other retailers in AU


    I'm from Melbourne btw :yes:

  8. I really hope that Chanel will come to Brisbane soon!!That would be great!:yahoo: We should definitely go there together when it opens! We can make it our little Brisbane tPF/Balenciaga meeting :yes:
  9. Hum, I think I read somewhere in a magazine(I belive it was either Vogue or Bazzar) that there's a boutique opening up in Brisbane that carries the europian high-end designers, and Balenciaga was one of them. I'm not sure where in Brisbane that was or what the name of the store was, so I'll just look through my mags and report back to ya! (though it might take a bit as I've got tons of magazines!!!)
  10. ^^That would be great, Tooshies!!:nuts::yahoo:Please be so kind to let us know!!:yes:
  11. MarieG, here's the info:

    The Jean Brown luxury accessories gallery
    Located@ Brisbane's Fortitude Valley
    Tel: 0448 106 401

    Apparently, they carry hard to find high end european designers including Proenza Schouler, Givenchy(!), Miu Miu, YSL, and of course, our beloved Balenciaga!

    When you get a chance to pop in, let us know what they have, their customer service, and most of all, price range:yes:
  12. Thanks so much for that, Tooshies!!:flowers::heart:I'll go check it out soon and report back!:yahoo:
  13. No worries, Girlie!! Please do give us a full report!!!
    That place sounds way cooler than Cosmopolitan Shoes here in Sydney, which is the only place you can get Balenciaga from.