Where can I get an RM Dust Bag?

  1. Can I buy them from the RM site? Should I just email customer service and ask to buy one? I got a bag from Active Endeavors last wk, no dust bag. I called and they said they don't have dust bags for RM?? My options were to return the bag for a refund (not a chance!) or live with it. I chose option 2, but now I'd like to track one down somewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello- I would also like to know where to get an RM dust bag. I too bought one sans a dust cover. Thanks for any & all info!!
  3. you know what, i just realized that i don't have a dust bag either. purchased my MA at a store in NYC on Thurs.
  4. I have seen some botkier ones on eBay, but so far no RMs - though they could turn up anytime... I would say that calling RM would be the best bet for now!
  5. you could just use a pillowcase. about Active Endeavors, that's so weird, because i received two dust bags with my purchase! and no, i'm not selling one :smile:
  6. Your best bet would be to email Rebecca Minkoff and ask for a dustbag and see what they say.

    As far as I know, (though you still see some being sold) it's supposed to be against eBay policy to sell dustbags, shopping bags, receipts, and any other packaging.

  7. Interesting! I never knew that!

    I am now in the same boat as some of you - new RM bag (matinee in grey/blue from Label360 :love:) but no dust bag. :sad: It seems weird that a bag from a reputable retailer wouldn't include one! I emailed label360 already so I'll wait to see what they say and then I guess I'll email RM if necessary. Has anyone had any luck getting one?
  8. Mine came from Nordstrom w/o dustbag (and no tags either!). I e-mailed RM thru the website inquiring if it's possible to buy one from them but never heard back.
  9. Yes, if anyone finds out, please let us know! Mine also came from Revolve without one.
  10. Okay, so Rebecca Minkoff is seriously the coolest designer on the planet!! I emailed the other day and got a response from Rebecca herself that they will mail me a dust bag!! :yahoo:

    I was so excited to get an email from her, I ran out to the living room and told my DH. He didn't really get it, so I tried to explain that it would be like Calvin Klein emailing him personally about his jeans. :graucho:
  11. definitely email Rebecca or Catalina and let them know. Probably give them up a head's up on which retailer you got the bag from too -- they should be aware which stores aren't getting dustbags with their shipments. Rebecca is super friendly and attentive to customers -- she emailed a bunch of TPFers when they emailed her and followed through with every request. Love her!
  12. Thanks everyone!
  13. WTG, Bondgirl! Rebecca has a reputation for being fairly attentive to her customers!!!
  14. Thats weird cus Rebecca NEVER responds to my emails...
  15. Count me in as NO DUSTBAGS.....bought two Matinees at Nordstrom, I almost thought maybe they didn't even come with them. =(