Where can I get an ISKIN?

  1. The tokidoki ones? And do they fit the old school larger ipod? THANKS
  2. Thanks:smile:
  3. So is the aluminum ipod nano like the hot pink one that came out last year??
  4. ^Thanks again!:smile:
  5. no prob, guess this thread is just for us tvstar!! hehe
  6. me too sorta! i messed up on mine. i bought one for my daughter's graduation.. i got her the 1st gen nano skin. i wasn't thinking! haha.. i was suppose to get her the aluminum.. i just sent iskin an email to exchange it.

    Gosh i wish i had an ipod!!
  7. haha buy buy buy!! :graucho:
  8. I think I want an iPod for class... they have that recorder attachment thingi that would come in handy in recording lectures :smile:
  9. ooh i didnt know they have that recorder thingie!! maybe i should consider buying one too for my lectures! :graucho:
  10. I have an old one but I guess the iskin won't fit it. Maybe I should get a new one..oh no..more money to spend!!:sad:
  11. Are there actual stores where I could buy an iskin like the Apple store?
  12. I just bought one this morning for my iPod!! :p I can't wait to get it~
  13. Cool..did you order it from the iskin site?