Where can I get Alexander Wang Coco Duffle in the UK???

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  1. Ok I have fallen head over heels in love with the Alexander Wang Coco/Rocco duffle bag and I am now at the point where I must, must, MUST have it, but I really want to see/feel it in RL first as my only concern is it may be quite heavy.

    I am after the black with silver hardware, so my question is where in London can I get this bag? And how much is it retailing at as I can only find US prices?

    Thanks folks x
  2. Im not very familiar with the brand so perhaps someone else will be able to help you out, but I do know that Browns in London carry Alexander wang.
  3. Thanks, that's worth checking out! I have spent the past two days looking online for stores but can't seem to find any actual information.
  4. I think Selfridges and Harvey nicks also carry Alexander Wang, but it may just be the clothing. Perhaps you could call them up and ask?
  5. Thanks I'll try and get hold of them.
  6. I think the best way to find out is e-mail AW directly. They will for sure have the list of stores they supply to. There website: alexanderwang.com, customer service will be able to help you as well as the price. GOODLUCK!
  7. Try Harrod's too!