Where can I get a wine Nikki w/ new hardware? Or should I just settle for the old hw?


Apr 19, 2007
I preordered the wine Nikki on RM.com in June for the 7/20 shipment. Purse was defective so I returned it.

Also ran into some billing problems but that has now been resolved.

I have been in contact with Cory for my Wine Nikki purchase. I ordered it in June for the 7/20 shipment. I emailed her asking for a tracking number for my purchase and she said she will email it to me but never did. But I received my purse shortly after. It had some defects on it and I emailed her asking for an exchange and she promptly sent me a UPS label to return the defected purse.

A few days after RM received my defected purse, my friend received her wine Nikki and tho I can't be 100%, it looked exactly like the defected purse I returned to them :wtf:! It had the same gash and dark spot.

I sent Cory and Michelle an email asking to confirm that they received my purse and when I will be receiving a new one. No answer from either one of them.

I decided to wait a while since Cory was away for a week and I know things are probably busy at RM. And hoping maybe it'll just magically appear at my doorstep, just like the first one did. But yesterday, I saw that my credit card was charged again for $620. I immediately called and Cory said they didn't make any charges this week. I emailed her my credit card activity and she said she will give it to their finance dept. I hope they can clear it up soon.

So now I out $1240 and no purse to show for it :crybaby:.
Emailed Cory today about my exchange and she emailed saying they are out of the wine Nikki in new hardware and only have the old. I prefer the new hardware but I don't know if I should wait and hopefully it'll come back with new hardware or just get the old. Or maybe just give up on getting an RM purse :shrugs:.