Where can I get a white Stella?

  1. I see one online at Neiman's... page 4 of the Marc Jacobs bags. They call it the Calfskin Tote, but it's the LE (limited edition) Stella with brass hardware. I have it in black, and it's to die for!!! $1095, but I saw in another post that someone got it on sale for about $820, I think they said... anyone out there remember where that was they got it on sale?
  2. Black & White Stella are on sale at local Neiman Marcus (still regular price at online store), however, many stores only have Black left. You might want to call a local NM & ask a SA to do an inventory lookup for a White Stella. It can the be transferred to a local NM or be shipped to you directly. Checkout this thread for info on Black Stella:

    Some members mentioned seeing Stella on sale at Nordstrom as well, my local stores don't have them.
  3. You can buy that bag new at the Neiman Marcus website.
  4. I think Nordies in SCP may still have one. FYI that Ebay auction is definitely authentic. The interior is correct as well as the hardware. Looks like an NM sale bag. I believe they were marked down to $400 in some places.
  5. $400??? freaking great deal, gorgeous bag
  6. Seattle Nordstrom had one last week for $700.
  7. I know my chances are pretty much slim to none at this point, but has anyone seen a White Stella anywhere? I've tried searching ebay, but with no luck.

    Your help is SOOOO very greatly appreciated! TIA! :yahoo:
  8. Hm. A few weeks ago there were two white stellas on ebay. Just keep your eyes peeled.. set a favorite search so ebay emails you when one pops up!
  9. Thanks, Luna! I had no idea you could have ebay email you! I will figure out how and do so. I'm a little skeptical about buying on ebay (please don't laugh...I actually have NEVER purchased on ebay before!), but if I find a white stella, i'll be sure to post in the authenticate this thread here for all you MJ experts!

  10. If I happen to come across one, I'll let you know.

    There is a white black on ebay right now.