where can i get a watch display case?

  1. My friend's birthday is coming up and he is huuugeellly into watches. I want to get him a nice display case for his watches, one that can hold at least 8 (more if possible) and made of nice wood. I have looked all over online but haven't found any that don't look cheap or only hold up to 6, or are from a no name company that i don't trust. Maybe I just don't know where to look - any hints from people who know more about watches than me? If possible, one that I can get engraved with his name or initials??
    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! :nuts:
  2. try fountain pen hospital..I think they have some
  3. I got a GORGEOUS one from BOMBAY COMPANY for my hubby. I think it holds 6-8. Beautiful wood and a small drawer underneath for his knick knacks. I bought it for Christmas 2004? But they always have that kind of stuff. You can check their website too! They are pretty reasonable in price too! :smile:

    Ooooo, I found some for you....

    And they are ON SALE!! YIPPEE!




    this one isn't wood but leather. very manly ;)


    Hope this helps! Good luck! :smile:
  4. ooh, i love those! thanks girl :nuts:
  5. oo yea I was just going to suggest the bombay company - I bought one for my dad for his bday and he loves itQ!
  6. got a great wood/glass display that holds 24 watches on eBay for my hubby
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