where can i get a vintage flower saddle bag

  1. hi :smile: im desperately looking for a vintage flower saddle bag! has anyone seen them at the dior, Saks, or neiman stores and can please give me their contact number? i really appreciate it thanks!
  2. call Dior at 800-929-DIOR. they may be able to help you.
  3. Oh I saw those on sale in June. It's gone now :sad: Maybe you can check the outlets? I'll ask my Dior SA if theres anymore left. I"ll let you know.
  4. i just bought 1 last week at the premium outlets in orlando florida you could call the outlets to see if the have any left dior has 3 outlets in the us
  5. You could try opportunities.fr,actually there are one girly,one saddle(but not a flower one).I order regularly bags and jewellery from her,she's a perfect and very helpfull seller.Hope this help,let me know!Best Regards from France to all the PFers!
  6. Has anyone got a picture of this type. ?
  7. Here are some pics!
    Dior Vintage Flowers Saddle bag 3.jpg Dior Vintage flowers saddle bag 2.jpg Dior Vintage Flowers saddle bag.jpg
  8. May Day thank you :smile:
  9. You're welcome!

    I absolutely adore this line!
  10. love the pic's may day .... indee gorgeous collection
  11. It is so pretty :smile:
  12. The Woodbury Commons Dior had a vintage flower rectangular pouch last time I was there.. but no saddle.

    It's so pretty, especially the shoes !
  13. The Vintage Flowers frame bag sells for surprisingly high prices...all the mint condition ones I've seen so far on Ebay have sold for over $900US. I think this is definitely a Dior design that keeps its value (considering it's almost over 2 years old). Even terrible fakes of this bag sell for around $200US on Ebay (or more).

    I think the combination of creme-colored leather and rich-coloured flowers really wins my heart.