Where can I get a Trasporto Ciao?

  1. So I decided that I need :graucho: a Trasporto Ciao and Lesportsac.com is sold out. :tdown: No local stores here carry Tokidoki and there are none on eBay. What online retailers have some right now?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. i just ordered one and changed my mind about. i bought it out of impulse and now im regretting it. i was thinking of putting it up on eBay
  3. I was in Happy Six today in LA and they have plenty. If you give them a call they can ship it to you. [SIZE=-1](310) 479-5363[/SIZE]
  4. Unique Threads has had tons of Trasporto stuff on eBay, with BIN's at retail. They had a Ciao out there for a couple days. I can't believe no one grabbed it faster. Keep watching their stuff.
  5. ^I was thisclose to buying that one. But I decided to think it over and poof! gone. Oh well, I ended up going with one of their bambinones anyway.
  6. Yes, UniqueThreads is the seller to watch. I'm sure you'll see another one listed with them and they usually just keep the price at retail, not inflated prices. You'll :heart: the Ciao! I adore mine!!!
  7. If you still want a ciao, Pulse has lots of styles left because they got their shipment in late. Give Casey a call at 636-519-4022 :smile:
    I'm sure she'd be more than willing to help you out!!
  8. ^Pulse is out of ciaos. I emailed Casey about one the other day and she said if they got any more in she would let me know.
  9. I want a Trasporto bag but I think this print is going to make it to the outlets so I'm not worried.. :yes:

  10. i hope they do! that way i can get a gioco with the bus/latte on it!