Where can I get a timeless clutch???

  1. Hey gals, seen any around lately? I have just checked with the Chanel in Singapore and they only have the caviar and satin in black and it retails for about USD1200 for the caviar! Anyone knows how much the caviar is in the US now? Is it still USD995?
  2. I saw the black and white caviar at the Saks NYC a couple weeks ago. Yep, it's still 995...
  3. thanks jeshika...
  4. I've seen them at several Saks and Neimans. They had white caviar, black lambskin & caviar, black patent.

    The price $995.
  5. My NM had several this past Friday.
  6. wow shiny-hair, that price can get a lamskin clutch here!:wtf:
    Saks Orlando may still have caviar. Call 407-812-2500 and ask to be transfered to Chanel. Best luck on getting one! We would love to see you modeling it!
  7. Saks at Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond had a couple of timeless clutches. I believe caviar and satin.
  8. Chanel in Honolulu has the timeless clutch. :biggrin:
  9. Hey Shin, are you thinking of getting a clutch for the wedding??? it's lovely, the recent threads on the clutch are so tempting.... are you looking for a white caviar?
    I suggest to get it from the US, it will be much cheaper...pm u
  10. thank you soooo much gals! yes i am really thinking of getting one, esp before the price increase and since it's one of the more "affordable" Chanels right now hehe. but i am wavering cos i'm not really that much of a clutch person, and i cannot decide which colour i want!!! has anyone seen pics of the black patent?

    IceEarl: thanks sweetie for the PM! will def let you know if i'm getting one heee..
  11. Oh Princess, I just noticed what was written at your signature...so true, oh our mighty coco!:smile:

  12. The Nordstrom in Topanga has the Timeless Clutch in black!