Where can I get a sweater like this??

  1. Any color...I just LOVE the style! I know this one is by Theory. Are there any places online to find a sweater like it? Thanks!

  2. I'm sure you could find them all over the place...But since summer is coming, it may be a little bit tougher to find. Check out hip-trendy teeny stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe, etc and see what they have :smile:
  3. Check Anthropologie or White House/Black Market...They usually have these styles.

    I love that style also and love Theory!
  4. Try yesstyle.com
  5. I love that style of top!
  6. I love off shoulder tops!
  7. Everyone, thanks for your replies and help!
  8. Okay, it's been almost a year! I'm still looking for a sweater like this. LOL. Please send me links if you find one! Thanks!
  9. I bought one like this on sale in H&M in dec. i bought it a few sizes to big (was the only one left) and I LOVE IT!!! sorry don't really know where you can get them now... but I would also love to know as I won't mind having another one!
  10. That's from Stylediary, didn't Patricia put where she got it from?
  11. This one is really cute!! :tup: