where can I get a 'sid' bag on sale?

  1. Looked through deals and steals + MJ sale sightings and didnt find anything..but was wondering where in the USA I could find a black or white SID bag on sale...like the ones that the duff sisters have?
  2. I lied, I ment to say where can I get ANY sweet punk bags on sale???

    I saw in the reference thread, a gorgeous turquiose debbie for $1800.00 WHERE can I find one, on sale?
  3. I saw sids on the presale table at NM in SF. They had three white ones for 30% off.
  4. ^ thanks.
    seen any black bags from that collection on sale anywhere?
    what about the turquiose debbie??

  5. nope, sorry... I don't think NM had any other colors in any other styles from that line. Maybe another NM will have black. You should also try BG tomorrow. As for turquiose, that may be a MJ boutique only color, as most dept stores don't order a lot of bright colors in non-classic lines.
  6. I wish I were cool enough for a Sid. Poo!