Where can I get a shirt like this?? Please Help!

  1. Hi everyone, I saw this shirt and i just LOVE it...it looks like spandex/stretchy material and love the neckline & length...anyone know what brand this is or where i can get it????? Pretty pleaseeee! =)


  2. anyone?
  3. I've seen that kinda tops at Lerner's. I own 2 of them, only mine have spaghetti straps. Hope that helps!
  4. topshop do great vests in that shape, and they're only £6
  5. i prefer this vest by Twenty8Twelve by s.miller Silk Mix Rib Jersey Vest

  6. [​IMG]

    a pic of the vest on its own..........its £40.00 in the UK!!
  7. H&M have ones like that. they are really tight
  8. Banana Republic has some tanks that are a lycra/cotton combo that look like that and have a little bit of sheen to them.
  9. I have a James Perse tank that looks EXACTLY like this. It has that same stretchy material. My tank fits me just like the first pic. It was 40 bucks at tee-zone.com

  10. what is it called if you don't mind me asking?? Not the ribbed ones right...? hmm icant seem to find stretchy tank tops that arent ribbed ...
  11. What website do I find this at??

    Thanks everyone for your replies =)
  12. Re: The Banana Republic tanks, yes, they are ribbed and hip-length. And there's no tag in the back to itch you.
  13. Nope isn't ribbed. I don't know what its called. I just looked on teezone and I don't see them there anymore.:sweatdrop: I hope you find one. I LOVE the stretch material.
  14. aww man! yeah--i was looking and was like THESE ARE ALL RIBBED! i didn't see this one anywhere =( booooo lol but thanks for your help.i guess i have to look elsewhere!.....maybe Nordstroms???