where can i get a playsuit

  1. or a jumpsuit i no they are both the same thing anyone know any web site that has cute ones i have one that i got in bershka in spain while i was on holidays and i wore it out last weekend and every1 was saying where did i get it cause it was fab so im wondering where else could i get one have not seen them around from where im from i have checked out eBay and i dont want it off there so can any1 recommend any web sites or shops
  2. asos.com
  3. thanks i can check it out :smile:
  4. just looked at top shop i like the short one not too keen all the playsuits that are long like a catsuit i like ones that look like shorts and a top combined so if any1 has other suggestions feel free thanks a million
  5. i got a black one in primark a few weeks ago, i wore it on holiday. and when i was in earlier in the week they had some reduced. H&M had one or two last week.
  6. thanks cherry pie in ireland primark is called pennys exact same store but different name and when i see the clothes primark has on the english magazines pennys never have them they are either sold out super quick or they dont get them if i get chance to go to limerick i might check out h&m cause we have no h&m store in cork