Where can i get a parker slim tote!?!?!

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  1. CAN ANYONE HELP!?!??!
    I desperately NEED this bag and it's NOWHERE to be found. not on ebay. not on bonanzle. not in FP and not at the outlet... WTH!!!

    i NEED IT!!! LOL!!!

    Parker Slim Tote 14162 $358

    i want it in white or mauve- preferable white! or mauve! LOL!!!

  2. I just checked going...going...gone on the FP Coach website and they were there all in stock in 3 colors...not sure what color you want!! :smile:

    Sorry I missed what colors you wanted!! :smile:

    Looked again they do have the brass/mauve! :smile:
  3. Omg!! Iits on the website? Or do i have to call jax?
  4. I would think you could just order from the website don't you??
  5. I saw the mauve parker slim tote about a month ago. I only saw one and haven't seen one since. I'm thinking maybe it was a return.
  6. Just saw it on the Coach website....$358.00. I searched "Parker". It was shown in mauve with brass.
  7. Yep, it's in the Going, Going, Gone. section, shows they have it still available in mauve, graphite and mahogany.
  8. I was soooo tempted to get one in graphite when I tried it on in the store, but I was lusting after the hippie more. If I had the money, honey, I'd get the slim tote now lol!
  9. I saw the mauve one at the downtown Seattle Macy's last week for 30% off. Might still be there...
  10. Thanks ladies! I think im gonna go to FP tomorrpw to order one and see if i can get 20% off maybe!!!
  11. So did I! I saw it the same time I bought my Ombre Sabrina. It WMS so I left her behind.
  12. Dillards!! And they are on sale I think 50% + an extra 30% I saw them at northpark mall in dallas , tx, Dillards does charge sends. I didn't read up so I dont know if you found it but the sale is good thru tomorrow(sunday)!! Hope you can get one at a great sale price!
  13. They were 30% off in the outlet and they had them at the outlet during the last round of coupons (for MLK day) so I would see if you can get it for the 30% off plus the 20% off if you order it through the store.
    They have made an appearance at my outlet in Canada 2 times now once in the end of October and again in January. Good Luck!
  14. I can see why you like it, I like the white one. Makes me want to go to Dillards and look.
  15. I have a feeling they haven't shown up yet in any significant numbers yet at the outlet. I would expect them to be there w/in the next month.